1920s and 30s car dealership buildings that are still around

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This was a Buick dealership

this was a Don Lee Cadillac dealershiphttp://www.roadarch.com/showrooms/ca.html

above was a Packard

and this was a Hupmobile, and the interior, wow


Maxwells, Pierce Arrows, and Hudsons beginning in 1914.http://www.roadarch.com/showrooms/ca3.html

The Don Lee Cadillac Building was designed by Weeks & Day and completed in 1912. It remained a Cadillac dealership, under different names, until the 1960s. The building has housed the AMC 1000 multiplex theatre since 1998

The Earle C. Anthony Packard showroom was designed by Bernard Maybeck and completed in 1926. It remained Anthony's Packard into the 1960s.http://www.roadarch.com/showrooms/ca4.html