1959 Morris Minor in cardboard form fits inside a Mini Countryman

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This is the perfect example to the long quip about cars growing in size generation after generation – making them maxi rather than min in the British automaker’s case.

Mini’s case is more important because after all they’re called… Mini. The latter discrepancy has been demonstrated recently using a 2010 Mini Countryman – which managed to entirely engulf a fullsize cardboard replica of a 1959 Morris Mini Minor. The project is the work of Dutch enthusiast Jeroen Booij and photographer friend, Arno Lingerak, who armed with rulers, cutters, glue and pens decided to construct a cardboard model in scale 1:1 of the classic to see if it fits the inside of the Countryman.

The folks enlisted their local Mini dealer who provided the Countryman and after some light nip and tucks done to get the cardboard inserted, the 1959 classic miraculously fitted inside the small “giant” Countryman. For example the front end of the cardboard was deformed a little by the center console and they also had trouble due to the thick pillars and large seats – but they said the rear fit surprisingly well. Going into technical details we found out the Countryman is 34 percent longer, 43 percent wider and 16 percent taller. More importantly the wheelbase has grown 27 percent and weight has jumped 115 percent – but the power took the crown, increasing by almost 200 percent.

Via Practical Classics