2015 BMW i8 recalled over stability control issues

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If you are wondering why your BMW i8 feels kind of out of place when attacking curbs, the stability control system might be the answer.

With such a supercar stance and specifications to match it, BMW i8 invites you to push the pedal and to attack with confidence the curbs when you are in the mood. But it might be a good idea to check first if your model falls in the recent recall issued by BMW, as the automaker has found some issues with the DSC electronic stability control system. And this is an area where you do not really need to worry about when drive a car that is faster than the M3. It seems like the problem is affecting 16 cars manufactured between May 29, 2015, and June 5, 2015. BMW has discovered improperly drilled holes within the Dynamic Stability Control hydraulic unit that may restrict one or more pistons hindering the DSC functions, including braking. If the system fails to work, it could have a major impact on car’s handling and on its power braking capabilities. BMW dealers will check the DSC hydraulic unit and will replace the part if necessary. The recall is expected to begin February 10, 2016, while owners may contact in advance the customer service at 1-800-525-7417.

Is not the first issue with the i8 plug-in hybrid, as BMW previously recalled 223 examples of the 2014 model year for a possible fuel leak a year ago. The problem involved a bolt used to attach a ground cable between the tank and the vehicle chassis that was not properly welded during manufacturing, causing a possible fuel leak.