2015 Frankfurt motor show – IAA’s best concept cars

A world class leading motoring event should not be considered solely on the sheer amount of global premieres, but also by the quality of its concepts as a way of reaching out to the future of the automobile. These prototypes will mostly represent the worst day of any accounting executive, since they don’t (arguably) deliver any profit but without them a manufacturer would have a hard time explaining its existence. That’s because concept cars will hype the brand, convince people the manufacturer is able to drive innovation forwards and also allow glimpses of what the company has in store for the future road cars. The 2015 edition of the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show was no exception, but some of them had to be the crème de la crème and, while biased by our own subjective opinions, we decided to round them up in a small top. You might also see some of them in our other feature for the show, which is more general and rounds up the hottest introductions. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo – this GT concept might have been initiated because of the homonymous video game franchise, and will go on living its life as a digital design for the Gran Turismo 6, but was also unveiled as a physical entity during the show. And with the Veyron now in the past it also delivers important clues as to the appearance of its upcoming successor. Honda Project 2&4 – this is one oddity indeed. It has a striking visual appearance in the sense that it’s inviting you to see where are the boundaries between car and motorcycle, as this is the pet project of 80 Honda in-house designers – tasked to bridge the gap between the two traditional sides of the Honda company: autos and motorcycles. The exterior appearance is also a throwback to the 1965 Formula 1 model, the first to nail a Grand Prix win. Hyundai N 2050 Vision Gran Turismo – the South Koreans also delivered in the flesh their own entry into the virtual world of the game franchise, with a model that might be very close to what Le Mans cars would be like in a few decades. The purpose of the concept is to let us know that Hyundai is now also interested into the highest levels of performance, especially with the newly established N performance brand. Nissan Gripz – whenever you’re treated to a Nissan crossover project you might want to take it seriously – just look at how the Qashqai and Juke projects changed the face of the automotive industry. It’s also a model that could become a standalone entry, bridging the traditional gap between the Nismo or Z high-performance cars and the world of sport utility vehicles. Porsche Mission E – this is a bold statement coming from an automaker that was historically known for the 911 performance coupe and then morphed into a successful crossover producer as well. It’s an all electric sports car that – if brought to life – might deliver an answer to the Tesla Model S performance sedan that rules the electric world unchallenged.