2015 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: BMW M6 GT3

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The new BMW M6 GT3 has been officially unveiled during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

BMW has brought its newest racing car to the German automotive event. This is the M6 GT3 and it has been recently unveiled. The model in question is basically the racing version of the M6 Coupe and it will be making its debut in the 2016 season from numerous private teams. The carmaker is saying that the vehicle has been significantly improved in terms of economy and drivability.

The BMW M6 GT3 is weighing less than 1,300 kg and it is getting an aerodynamic body kit developed in the wind tunnel. This has undergone an extensive program of testing as it has ended up on a variety of circuits this year, which has allowed the Bavarian based company to tweak it. Under its hood, BMW says that we can find a series-produced petrol engine, with the M TwinPower Turbo technology.

The racing car is also getting a long wheelbase, a centrally positioned driver’s seat, a six-speed sequential racing transmission, a transaxle drive configuration and more. The new BMW M6 GT3 has been shown to BMW Motorsport customers from across the globe ahead of the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring, back in May, 2015. Performance details on the new racing car haven’t been released yet but expect to find out more on it over the next few months. In the meantime you can check it out in the photo gallery posted below.