2015 Frankfurt Motor Show LIVE: Citroen Cactus M Concept

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The French automaker has decided to rekindle the authentic spirit of the classic Mehari model through a fresh and great looking concept, the Cactus M, presented in front of the worldwide public during the 2015 IAA Frankfurt motor show.

The concept is based off the Citroen C4 Cactus crossover and will make you feel ready to embark on a long journey to a far away island looking for sandy beaches, cocktails and a hammock to rest after a long swim in the azure ocean. Never mind our trials and tribulations, but we can see how the Cactus M concept has come to deliver an outdoor-focused variant of the regular C4 Cactus, with Citroen chopping off the roof and making numerous revisions to the body – such as dropping the door count. There are new lightweight plastic doors and we can also see the rear “roof extension” that is important because it will be able to house wakeboards and surfboards and other large items on top of the model. If the rain comes, don’t worry because the concept also has at hand an inflatable roof that can also be transformed in a tent if you don’t want it on the car itself.

The inside of the car is treated to waterproof neoprene fabric seats that are wetsuit lookalikes and the floor has drainage holes – meaning you can leave your car in the rain or wash it inside out with a hose. We have no word on whether the model will also hit the production line but as Citroen’s chief executive Linda Jackson has talked in the past about rekindling the Mehari name we believe there’s a strong chance this concept would spawn a series model in the near future.