2015 IAA Frankfurt motor show’s hottest reveals (part 2)

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The spectacular Frankfurt event is for the automotive industry like starting school – everything is brand new, cool and looking up for an entire year high grades (meaning sales). The German salon is also the first sign of the upcoming expectations for the 2016 car show season and all the important automakers in the world have made an appearance at the venue to showcase their latest and greatest. But, as life is anything but fair, some of these launches will go down in history and others will go down, literally. And some of these show cares will reach dealerships soon while others will remain simple flights of fantasy. We have decided that a selection of the coolest launches is in order and you’re going to see it here, subjective as it is. Additionally, if you missed part one of our feature, take a look here. Ferrari 488 Spider – nothing really special here, just a coupe transformed into a cabrio. Oh, wait – this here is an Italian performance thoroughbred, the 488 GTD turned into the Spider and promising open top vertigo performance roars. Honda Project 2&4 – this is what crazy design should be all about: take a classic racer (the 1965 Formula One car) and convert it into a XXI century contraption that marries the motorcycle and automotive world in s spectacular way. Hyundai N 2025 Gran Turismo – the South Koreans are sparring no expense into asserting themselves as a motorsport and performance contenders, through their new N performance brand that includes this digital concept for the Gran Turismo video game series. Infiniti Q30 – this is how the Japanese luxury brand aims to take over the European market – delivering a more sensible and utterly modern compact executive car. And it’s going to be soon joined by a crossover brethren – the QX 30. Jaguar F-PACE – this is not just the first Jaguar off-roader ever, it’s also that car that currently holds the Guinness world record for the biggest loop the loop. Never mind that, it’s going to be luxurious, pricey and utterly off-road capable thanks to the link to sister company Land Rover. Lamborghini Huracan Spider – if Ferrari is delivering a car, long time Italian competitor needs to double that, so the raging bull has cometh with the Aventador SV and most importantly for the direct competitor to the 488 Spider – the Huracan Spider.