2015 IAA Frankfurt motor show’s hottest reveals (part 3)

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The spectacular Frankfurt event is for the automotive industry the promise of starting school with a bang – everything is brand new, cool and looking up for an entire year high grades (yes, sales and profits). The German salon is also the first sign of the upcoming expectations for the 2016 car show season and all the important automakers in the world have made an appearance at the venue to showcase their latest and greatest. But, as life is anything but fair, some of these launches will go down in history and others will go down, literally. And some of these show cares will reach dealerships soon while others will remain simple flights of fantasy. We have decided that a selection of the coolest launches is in order and you’re going to see it here, subjective as it is. Additionally, if you missed part one of our feature, take a look at Part One and Part Two. Mazda Koeru – we’re here in front of a “technical” prototype because most experts and industry observers believe it’s very much the next generation CX-9 sport utility vehicle in light disguise. Mercedes Benz IAA – the futuristic concept might take its acronym from the Frankfurt motor show itself, but it actually stands for the Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile and is – as always – a great way of glimpsing into the promising future of the brand. Nissan Gripz – it’s another striking crossover design from the Japanese brand and this time around no one dares to say it won’t see the light of day because it’s too quirky after having the Juke experience. So, supporters are even advancing the idea this would be the next entry in the Z sports car lineup. Porsche Misson E – look out Tesla because your beloved Model S sedan might soon face stiff German competition. The four-door four-seat electric sports sedan concept was probably the most popular model presented at the IAA so we’re betting we’ll see it on the streets sooner rather than later. Toyota CH-R – this should serve as the preface for the next crossover vehicle from the Japanese automaker, which is delivering more entries in the segment in a bid to ride the worldwide wave of love for sport utility vehicles. Volkswagen Tiguan – the German automaker now engulfed in a massive scandal over cheating diesel emissions regulations tests has premiered in Frankfurt the new generation of its compact sport utility vehicle, the Tiguan.