2016 Super Bowl: Kia Optima makes use of beige socks and… Christopher Walken

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The South Korean automaker has been known to be very creative when it comes to teaming up stars with its models – and since we’re talking here about pop culture favorite Christopher Walken there is nothing they can’t do.

Walken may be a semi-retired actor now but nonetheless everybody knows he can make any sort of crazy ideas work – even if that implicates making the Super Bowl viewers believe the 2016 Kia Optima is like a colorful sock. The star’s first Kia commercial comes with a rather memorable monologue featuring mediocrity and beige socks – people wearing them could be nobodies unless they happen to get the chance to team up with the awesome 2016 Kia Optima. And this is a nod to the midsize segment’s own dullness, since most of the models are being bought by fleet operators or rental companies. And Kia was about the only decent looking model in the segment before the new Honda Accord and facelifted Toyota Camry came to the party.

There are a few special moments in one’s career. Those times when you find yourself in an interesting place, making something you never thought possible, with someone you never thought you’d meet,” said chief creative officer Colin Jeffery of David&Goliath, who was behind the contraption. “Being in a closet with Christopher Walken and 600 pairs of beige slacks was definitely one of those moments.” He may be exaggerating on this one, as Kia has included personalities such as Pierce Brosnan or career-defining Matrix-inspired Laurence Fishburne in the past for the Super Bowl.