77% of UK’s motor industry is against Brexit

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A recent survey showed that three quarters of the UK automotive industry said remaining in Europe was best for their business.

Almost all major automakers have raised concerns around the possibility of Britain leaving the EU area in the aftermath of the June referendum. Therefore, such results of a survey on the subject were quite predictable. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which represents the UK automotive businesses, released the data from a poll – conducted by an independent party – conducted among its members and 77 percent said that if a referendum were held tomorrow, a ‘remain’ outcome would be best for their business. The view was shared by 88 percent of large automotive companies and by 73 percent of the small and medium-sized businesses, making up around three quarters of respondents (72 percent). Only a 9 percent minority believes an exit would be best, while 14 percent said they did not make up their mind yet. Notably, no large companies surveyed said an exit would be in their business’ best interests. The poll was commissioned by SMMT and was carried out over a five-week period in January and February.

Looking ahead to the threat of a potential Brexit, 59 percent of SMMT members declared it would have a negative impact on their business in the medium- to long-term, with a further one in five uncertain about the nature and extent of that impact (18 percent don’t know).

“The message from UK Automotive is clear – being in Europe is vital for the future of this industry and to secure jobs, investment and growth. UK Automotive is thriving, with record car exports, new registrations and the highest manufacturing levels for a decade,” Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said. “Our industry supports 800,000 jobs across the UK and contributes more than £15 billion to the UK economy – our members have clearly stated that pulling out of Europe could jeopardise this.”