900,000 SUV recalls from Fiat Chrysler for airbags and brake related issues

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Fiat Chrysler announced almost 900,000 vehicles were recalled around the world to address some problems with the airbags and their brake systems. Airbag deployment and anti-lock braking systems issues forced Fiat Chrysler to recall around 900,000 vehicles around the world. 284,089 of Jeep Liberty 2003 models and 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs were recalled in the United States to replace some components of the deployment airbags system. Seven injuries have been linked to the problem, but fortunately, no major accidents occurred, the company declared. Fiat Chrysler also stated the SUVs were not fitted with Takata Corp’s airbags, a faulty system which have been part of a large recall and, unfortunately, associated to eight deaths and more than one hundred injuries. Likewise, the automaker would have to recall 3,411 vehicles in Canada, 6,277 in Mexico and 48,212 outside the NAFTA region to fix the same problem mentioned above. The number is still rising as 275,614 model year 2012-2015 Dodge Journey cross-utility vehicles in the United State will have to go into services to replace parts of their anti-lock brake systems. Fiat- Chrysler is also forced to recall 78,148 vehicles in Canada as well, as well as 36,471 in Mexico and 151,476 in non-NAFTA markets to mend the ABS problem. Via Reuters By Sorin Petcu