A 54 and a 62 Corvette were on blocks for 4 decades, and only were sold because their Illinois barn was going to be sold off

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“We’ve been selling off some of our properties. But, before we sell that barn we almost forgot there are two cars in there.” Two brothers worked together their whole lives. They acquired quite a little empire. Lewis bought a rust free ’54 Corvette in California that he “never put in the elements.” He drove the car a couple years and then bought a ’62. But, as time went on, he and his brother got so busy developing their businesses, they parked the cars in barns and there they sat for 42 years. In the 62 the engine was the optional 340-horse 327, but not a fuelie and not a dual-quad either. The transmission was a four-speed, which was more good news, and the car had both tops. Accessories were few — just a radio and heater, nothing more. The tires had “rotted off.” The frame had surface rust, but was sound.Found on http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/two-c1-corvettes-found-in-illinois-barn/ar-AAfpT0I