A fuel cell hydrogen Audi is “around the corner”

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Audi admits it is ready to bring into the light a hydrogen car that promises to reshape the green car industry when it arrives. At the recent Audi’s Future Performance Event in Madrid, Audi officials have confirmed the company is close in revealing a hydrogen car with the highest efficiency ever. The mysterious FCV will be built on previous hydrogen-powered A2 and Q5 concepts, as well as the current A7 Sportback h-tron quattro, which uses an electric drive with a fuel cell as its energy source, in combination with a hybrid battery and an additional electric motor in the rear. But not further details were revealed, or what shape this “innovative” vehicle will adopt. One of Audi’s top priorities is the development of alternative powertrains. “Audi is poised to go into volume production with fuel cells as soon as the market and public infrastructure justify this move,” Dr Rene van Doorn, powertrain engineer for fuel cell technology, told Auto Express. The automaker has committed to put “green” technologies in every model in its range, in a ten-year time frame. But it doesn’t mean Audi will push aside the development of its regular fuel engines. All its drivetrains are going to be improved alongside finding new ways to enhance the cars’ efficiency. In 2016, a new 48-volt hybrid will be launched, a system that is using a compressor that feeds extra air into the engine, independent of load, resulting in improved acceleration performance and save fuel. Other technologies presented at the Audi Future Performance event included electronic dampers that eliminate body roll, while also absorbing kinetic energy that can be used to power some of the electronic equipment of the car. Via Autoexpress