A request went out for a Hemi Cuda

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Casey and his wife, ShannonCasey’s buddy, Mike, posted a special request on a Hemi Cuda owners’ club website.Mike asked if anyone would be willing to bring their car to Bethesda and surprise Casey and take him for a ride.Redline Restorations jumped to answer, because the "felt it was the very least we could do for a tenacious, joyful young man who sacrificed so much for the love of his country."Our gracious client and the Cuda’s owner, Mike, readily obliged and in fact insisted on taking the journey with us to surprise Casey. We would like to personally thank Casey Jones and his friend Mike Elliot for their service and sacrifice, and for the moving reminder that life’s hardships are all relative.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.563626730365229.1073741845.365150146879556&type=3