Alfa Romeo can’t get its future upright so takes it to history

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Alfa Romeo seems to be in trouble once again, but at least they can look back to their proud heritage – you know, back when the name was something on the prime stage of the automotive world.

Just in time for the Bremen Classic Motor Show, the Italian automaker has decided to look at a dusty concept – the pretty spectacular Caimano, which is going to be showcased during the Bremen Classic Motor Show. The prototype originally appeared in front of the worldwide public during the 1971 Turin Motor Show, and was envisioned by Italdesign at the behest of Alfa Romeo. The inspiration comes from the Alfasud and the prototype was never tasked to preview a road going model – meaning Italdesign could toy around with a radical styling – coming up with what can be best described as a “wedge on wheels.” Thus we have an utterly aerodynamic prototype with pop-up headlights (all the rage back then), and a carefully concealed roll bar tucked behind the B- and C-pillars. There’s also an adjustable rear spoiler with four different setups that can be specified from the driver’s position.

Since we’re dealing with a form follows styling rather than function, the cabin will be crammed and the passengers venturing inside will be wrapped in the “basin seats” with built-in head restraints. Also unique in its contraption is the cylindrical dashboard with two massive instrument gauges. Unlike its futuristic design, the Caimano concept was actually motivated by a regular .2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine taken directly from the Alfasud and packing a measly 67 horsepower.