Alfa Romeo delays Giulia Quadrifoglio sales launch

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According to sources, Alfa Romeo will delay the start of the sales for Giulia Quadrifoglio, as well as for their first SUV. Some supplier sources told Automotive News Europe that sales start of the Giulia Quadrifoglio sporty model will be delayed by six months than originally planned, going on the market sometime in the mid-2016. Also, the based Giulia SUV will be available for sale in 2017, meaning a nine months delay. The first model in the Giulia line-up, Quadrifoglio, had been originally scheduled to emerge in Europe by the end of this year. As for the US market, the Giulia duo will be seen months later after the European debut. The signs for these setbacks could be found in Sergio Marchionne’s statement from a week ago, when the CEO of Fiat Chrysler said that the company is reconsidering Alfa’s global plans, especially due to a very slow pace in Chinese market. However, he wanted to reaffirm the 5 billion euros investment to help increase Alfa’s sales by launching eight new models. Marchionne also wanted to clarify that the investment will be accomplished no sooner than 2019. Sources say that the future Alfa line-up will include a new Giulietta, a bigger sedan and two SUVs models. Due to these postponements it will be hard for the company’s plan of 400,000 units to be achieved by 2018. In its latest forecast, IHS Automotive predicts that Alfa Romeo will reach slightly more than 230,000 annual sales by 2018, up from 68,000 last year. Via Automotive News Europe