Another losing year for Aston Martin

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Aston Martin has been struggling in recent years to make some profit and the last financial year did not come to a better outcome because of slow sales and massive investment efforts.

The British premium sports car maker is on a five-year strike of failing to make earnings, after it has just reported a pre-tax loss of 127.9 million pounds (172.03 million dollars) in 2015, nearly double compared to a year earlier, when it lost 71.8 million pounds. Even if the automaker was last year a bit too optimistic over its sales trend, the overall delivery figures were below its expectation in the end. Aston Martin said that it had sold 3,615 cars last year, down from 3,661 in 2014, while projecting a similar outcome this year with a 20 percent rise in earnings due to its new DB11.

The company also hopes for a much better future when the upcoming DBX arrives. Aston Martin said in February it would build the crossover in St. Athan, Wales, as part of its 200-million-pound investment (around 265 million dollars) in new cars and facilities. The construction on the new 90 acres site is planned to begin in 2017, with full vehicle production starting in 2020. It also teamed up with the Chinese technology firm LeEco to jointly develop Aston’s first electric car, a production version based on the RapidE concept that would come to market in 2018.

However, uncertain times are now hovering over the UK’s automotive market following the Brexit. Aston Martin has urged the government to bring some clarity and stability after the vote as quickly as possible, saying it should secure a tariff-free access to the European and other global markets.