Aston Martin Autolink concept: Letv develops new infotainment system

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Aston Martin has offered buyers a glimpse of what could become the infotainment system in its coming DB11 supercar, unveiling the new Autolink concept at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Developed by Chinese entertainment company Letv as part of a new partnership, Autolink features a tall 13.3-inch display in the dash centre and a similarly large 12.2-inch screen in place of the traditional instrument cluster.

Built into a customised version of last year’s RapidE electric concept, the Autolink system offers touch control for most of the vehicle’s systems, including driving settings, entertainment, communication and air-conditioning.

Advanced speech recognition is also promised, reducing the amount of physical contact needed to access and control the system’s functions.

Above: dashboard of the regular 2016 Aston Martin Rapide S

“After a few months’ efforts, we finished the integration of an Aston Martin vehicle and the Letv IOV (Internet of the Vehicle) system,” Letv co-founder Ding Lei said.

“We have successfully equipped this supercar brand with over 100 years of history with an ‘Internet brain’.”

The system’s potential for debut in a future Aston Martin production model is unclear, although the company’s CEO, Andy Palmer, described the Autolink system as a “natural progression” in meeting the demands of its buyers.

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