Aston Martin Red Bull Hypercar Spawing Road and Track Versions - Performance Will Be Staggering

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We know that Aston Martin has recently partnered with Red Bull Racing to develop a new hypercar code-named AM-RB 001 but what you don't know is that there will be two versions of the car; one for road and one strictly for the track. Deliveries of the road car will start in 2018 and only 99 examples will be built.We know the performance of the cars will be dramatic but the track version could surpass the performance of an F1 race car. Aston Martin are keeping it a big secret but what Autocar expects is the following;Mid-engine layoutF1-derived hybrid technologyCarbon fibre (of course)Two seats1:1 power-to-weight ratioWe may not have to wait long to learn more about Aston Martin’s AM-RB 001 project. A concept or prototype is expected to be shown at next month’s 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed.