Aston Martin’s anti-theft door feature uncompliant, NHTSA says

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The British premium maker has been forced by the US safety regulators to issue a safety campaign because of its double-lock system.

Aston Martin has to recall 6,076 examples of model year 2010-2015 DB9, 2010-2012 DBS, 2010-2016 V8 Vantage, 2012 Virage, 2010-2016 Rapide, 2014-2016 Vanquish, 2011-2016 V12 Vantage and 2012-2013 V12 Zagato, because the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the double-lock system on these cars did not meet certain regulations of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. When it is activated, Aston Martin’s anti-theft feature was designed not to allow anyone to open the doors from inside, a system that is not seen as a safe one by the regulators, as it may trap the occupants and thus increase the risk of injury if something goes wrong.

However, Aston Martin claims that the feature – which is compliant with European standards – is under no circumstances a threat for passengers. Many of its models are fitted with an alarm system with interior detection, which is able to detect inside movement and will activate the alarm if the full locking mechanism is activated and occupants are trapped inside. Furthermore, the horn can be used in case of emergency, the company said. As NHTSA did not agree with Aston’s arguments, the recall will start August 1 and dealers will disable the double locking feature by reprogramming the software.