Auctioned land Rover Defender 2,000,000 snatches 400,000 pounds in UK

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A Bonhams charity auction has lured one affluent buyer into spending £400,000 ($600,022) to have the land Rover Defender with the production number 2,000,000.

The vehicle – true British motoring icon – will not remain at home in its country because the bidder, who remained anonymous, was actually all the way back in Qatar, though he may have nailed a sweet deal that could become even more valuable in time – this is counted now as the most valuable production Land Rover to have been auctioned off. Fortunately the proceeds have been gathered for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies as well as the Born Free Foundation. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have decided the funds should be used to assist communities in South-East Nepal that have been plagued by natural disasters, and the Born Free Foundation will use its portion to help the ‘Project Lion Rover’ wildlife conservation initiative undertaken inside the Meru National Park, Kenya.

We see the Defender 2,000,000 was the two-millionth Land Rover Series / Defender vehicle to have been produced at the company’s Solihull factory and it was manufactured back in May with the assistance of an “all-star cast” of brand ambassadors such as Bear Grylls and the sons of Land Rover founder Maurice Wilks. It also comes with nice finishes such as as special badging, unique seats and an engraved map of Red Wharf Bay where the original land Rover design was penned in the sand. It has also been equipped with an aluminum plaque that bears the signatures of all the persons implicated in its build.