Audi Q2 spied, naming dispute with Alfa Romeo reportedly solved

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Audi’s sub-Q3 SUV has been spotted undergoing track testing by our spy photographers. The car we see here will slot in underneath the Q3 and was previously understood to be known as the Q1, thanks to Fiat Chrysler, through its Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands, controlling the rights to the Q2 and Q4 badges. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s chief of research and development, corrected Indian Autos Blog when they recently asked about the upcoming Q1. “You’re talking about the Q2,” he told the website. It’s not known what arrangement Audi and Fiat Chrysler have come to over the badges. Earlier attempts by Audi to use nameplates were reportedly rebuffed. As with all smaller vehicles from the Volkswagen Group, the new Q2 will use parts and elements drawn from the MQB component matrix for front- and all-wheel drive vehicles with a traverse engine layout. According to Indian Autos Blog, Hackenberg also confirmed that the new Q2 will debut in production trim at the 2016 Geneva motor show in March. The luxury marque has previously stated that it will be expanding its SUV offerings. There will be new models at the upper and lower ends of the range, with the Q2 (seen here) providing a new entry point. At the costlier end, Audi is planning to launch an electric SUV in 2018 to tackle the Tesla Model X. This SUV is likely to carry the Q6 badge, and was previewed by the recently unveiled e-tron quattro concept.