Audi reassigns its car production plans, with electric Q6 to be built in Belgium

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Audi has announced it will shift output of the Q3 compact crossover vehicle to its Hungarian plant from Spain, Audi A1 will move from Brussels to Spain and the upcoming electric SUV to start production in Belgium in 2018.

VW’s premium brand Audi plans a restructuration process of its production, announcing that Audi A1, which is currently produced in Brussels, will be built in Seat’s Martorell plant in Spain starting with 2018. The Spanish division said this move would bring investments and employment to the SEAT facility in addition to helping the factory to achieve full production capacity. The A1 will be the second premium car built in Spain following the Q3, which has been built so far in 478,000 units since mid-2011. Furthermore, Audi also said that output of the Audi Q3 compact crossover would be taken over by the brand’s Gyor facility in Hungary. The Hungarian site already produces four Audi models: Audi A3 Sedan, Audi A3 Cabriolet, Audi TT and Audi TT Roadster.

The Brussels production line has been cleared for Audi to exclusively produce on site, as of 2018, the first battery electric SUV from the brand with the four rings. The Belgian plant will also have its own battery production, thus becoming a key site for electric mobility at the Volkswagen Group. Sitting between the upcoming new generation Q5 and the already refreshed Q7, the e-tron electric Q6 has been introduced during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Audi saying the concept is very close to the final production form. Equipped with three electric motors and a high capacity battery, the company promises the 2018 electric SUV will offer a range of more than 500 kilometers, featuring quick battery charging.