Australia gets the first Honda NSX

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The Land Down Under is one of the perfect locations if you’re a manufacturer of high-performance vehicles – just look at those wild models specifically built for the market.

But global automakers have also kept an eye on the market – BMW sent more units of the M2 kind in the country and Alpina is reading its first ever official market involvement, just to name a few. Now the Honda NSX has landed in Australia – the first example is there, ahead of the official sales kickoff slated for sometimes later this year. According to a Melbourne dealership, the Japanese supercar visits the country in the form of a “sleek pre-production model”. This one is intended for shows only – touring the five nominated Honda Australia dealerships that will handle the exclusive task of selling the hybrid supercar.

The official market introduction is expected later on, with pricing and the entire specifications fact sheet to be revealed closer to the launch date. The Honda / Acura NSX will only be produced in the United States, at the Honda Performance Manufacturing Centre in Marysville, Ohio. There just 100 production experts are tasked to complete full bodywork, paintwork and final assembly – just six to eight units are done every week. “We expect the NSX to be a very exclusive car and as a technology and design statement, it represents the pinnacle of Honda automotive expertise,” commented Honda Australia Director, Mr. Stephen Collins. The NSX was last offered in Australia from 1991 to 2002 with a total of 280 examples delivered.