Australian owners ask $72 million damages from Volkswagen

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On behalf of more than 90,000 car owners affected by the scandal, an Australian law firm asks Volkswagen of total damages of approximately 72 million dollars. Volkswagen will have to cope with countless lawsuits actions as a consequence to its dishonest behaviour. The Australian owners of the vehicles fitted with devices designed to hide the real level of emissions have decided to take such actions and through Maurice Blackburn law firm they ask total damages of 100 million Australian dollars, or approximately 72 million US dollars. There are more than 10,000 Australian owners who already have made legal claims aimed to all VW’s Group brands involved in the emissions scandal, not just to the local subsidiaries, Maurice Blackburn said. “I am extremely disappointed that, because of the company’s deceitful conduct, I’ve now got a car that is emitting dirty diesel,” Audi owner Robyn Richardson told a news conference in Sydney. “I am here to bring them to account for what they’ve done. I’m here to deter other companies from behaving similarly,” said Richardson, one of the lead applicants for the class action in Australia. The class action lawsuit opened by Maurice Blackburn is on behalf of more than 90,000 car owners that claims a full cost recovery of their cars, and damages for misleading and deceptive conduct as well. Volkswagen Group Australia did not want to comment on the subject, it only said in a statement that “VGA assures all its customers that the affected cars are technically safe and the necessary measures will be undertaken at no cost to them. We will do everything we can to fix this problem and regain the trust of our customers.” Via Reuters