BAC Mono has a surprisingly beautiful new carbon-composite wheel

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For those looking to direct their foot fetish into the automotive world, we have today on show the new 17-inch rims used by the BAC Mono, which come with a 23.5-percent weight reduction at the front axle and 22.9 percent at the back.

The regular Bac Mono is not going to win any sumo competitions in the exotic car segment – it tips the scales at just 1,278 pounds (580 kilograms). But this “ultimate” track toy is aiming for even more, with a diet for the light alloys. It now has a completely new set of carbon-composite wheels, which can be used on the new and existing cars – the 17 inchers use an advanced carbon composite construction that includes advanced technology developed by Dymag. The wheel’s spokes have been made out of a solid billet of aluminum and the wheel itself is linked to the car with five pairs of titanium bolts. Each of those weighs just 30.2g, so it brings 212.5g savings per wheel. Up front, the 7.5-inch-wide wheel is just 12.5 pounds (5.7 kilograms) heavy – bringing savings of 23.5 percent for the front axle.

The rear is adorned with BAC Mono’s 9-inch-wide rear wheel, tipping the scales at just 13.2 lbs (6 kg) while being an inch wider than the ones at the front. This enables an axle weight loss of 22.9-percent compared to the regular set of alloys. Aside from the bevy of advantages brought by the hybrid carbon-composite wheels, there’s one major downside. That’s pricing, as the set goes for £9,950 (about $14,670) if you get them with a shiny new Mono or even more – £12,500 ($18,440) – if you retrofit them to the existing car.