Beat-up lost and found Jaguar E-Type sold for 74,000 euros

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A recent auction that took place last week – at COYS Spring Classics auction in London – saw the sale of a 1963 Jaguar E-Type that was found hiding under a bush for £58,000 (about $82,880 / €74,770).

Such vehicles are usually called a “barn find” – and many lucky owners found themselves easily enriched after delivering vehicles that looked like junk to the proper institutions (namely restorers and then the auction houses). This vehicle is a bit different as it should have its own category – bush-rotting find, after it has been found rotting under a hedge in the village of Bisley in Surrey. Of course it now needs countless hours of TLC, which is why the vehicle sold for such a low amount – and as fans of the classic British car we’re hoping the new owner will treat the 1963 E-Type to its former glory through careful restoration. This vehicle also comes with a bit of a pedigree: the original owner is Ivor Arbite, who owned the Drum City and Sound City shops in London and is also famous for being the designer of the “drop-T” logo of the renown The Beatles.

The model then between 1965 and 1967 had several other owners and it was acquired last by Frank Riches – he used it for racing between 1967-1969 at Oulton Park, Brands Hatch, and Blackbushe and eventually damaged the clutch. Instead of repairing it he simply put it in a storage lock and in the 80s decided to move it in his garden where it was found last year and saved from car extinction.