Bentley coming with flurry of new models to lift deliveries to around 25,000 units per year

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The British ultra-luxury marquee is looking to expand its sales tremendously – actually doubling deliveries via two new models being developed: a more compact SUV and an Aston Martin rivaling sports model. The already pretty flourishing sales of the marquee will apparently receive a massive boost that could double them to about 25,000 vehicles per year as two all new models are set to come after the massive Bentayga sport utility vehicle. The introduction plans include a smaller crossover with prices starting at about £120,000, as well as several variants based on the astonishing EXP10 Speed Six – dubbed the ‘Aston Chaser’ – including a 200 mph capable, all-wheel drive fully electric battery model. Given the tremendous global interest in both SUVs and the newly introduced Bentayga the company will first unleash a more compact crossover that would fit in terms of size in between Porsche’s Macan and Cayenne. Taking numerous parts from the Bentayga, the high-performance USV could make use of the V8, diesel and hybrid powertrains Bentley has cooked over the years – as well as Bentayga’s new 6.0-litre, 600bhp W12. The EXP10 Speed Six concept, meanwhile is expected to spawn a production model very close to it given the overwhelming public acceptance it has received back in March when it was unveiled. A production date has not been set but it would come after the SUV – expected around 2018 – and could make use of the known V8. The more interesting choice would in turn be the twin-motor, four-wheel-drive, all-electric model with around 500 bhp and a 200 mph top speed, with range expected to reach around 500 km. Via