Best Buy Geek Squad’s new choice of wheels goes eco-geeky with Toyota Prius C

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The “agents” over at Best Buy’s Geek Squad have decided to be just as green as they are geeky and instead of a quirky Volkswagen Beetle they will be seen driving around in a 2016 Toyota Prius c.

The new “Geekmobile” serves duties in the tech support arm of Best Buy and the company’s plan is to use more than 1,000 vehicles across the United States this year. With the so-called “agents” driving each year a median of 12.6 million miles (20.3 million kilometers), we can imagine why they chose to go with a model that has an outstanding fuel economy. For example, compared to the current Beetle fleet, the Geek Squad can drop in half the emissions due to the Prius c’s EPA-estimated return of 53 miles per gallon in the city. This bodes well with the Best Buy objective to reduce its total carbon emissions by 45 percent before the turn of the decade.

The Prius c was the winning contender among a “handful of different options” and right away no less than 700 units will be acquired – the other 300 being added later on throughout the year. And Best Buy isn’t going to keep them for very long, as they plan on using them for just 48 months or 65,000 miles (104,607 kilometers), whichever comes first. Best Buy also said they started negotiations with Toyota even before Dieselgate emerged last year but once the scandal broke they kicked them into high gear.