Beyond the end of the road.... they once pioneered with half tracks. 1931, the Yellow Cruise Expedition from Kashmir to the Chinese border

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After the "Black Cruise" through Africa in 1926, (which was a better post than this one)  and before the cross Canada expedition route was enormously difficult. On several occasions, the vehicles were completely dismantled, and carried around obstacles. For instance, the engines were suspended from two poles, and carried by four coolies. They finally arrived in Gilgit on 4 August 1931, where they abandoned one vehicle. The second vehicle was abandoned 17 miles beyond, having travelled 207 miles from Srinngar, which previously had been deemed the "end of the road." Maynard Williams, accompanying the "Yellow Cruise" Expedition reported on the journey from Srinngar, in Kashmir, to the Chinese border in the March 1932 issue of National Geographic Magazine.   and