BMW is on top of the luxury segment in the US

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BMW is the best-selling luxury brand in the US in October, increasing the gap over Mercedes, with Lexus being third in this contest. The margins are tight though. With only a couple of months until the end of the year, the competition in the luxury segment in the US is still fierce. BMW is leading this battle, selling in October the most luxury cars, increasing the lead over Mercedes. Following closely from the third spot is Toyota’s high-market brand Lexus, pressuring its rivals by starting offering a new version of RX SUV, its best-selling model. Despite of an 8 percent increase for the 3 Series and 88 percent for X3 SUV, BMW’s delivers dropped 3,8 percent to 29,439 units. Mercedes-Benz reported 28,952 cars sold in October, 1,3 percent up, thanks to E-Class, with Lexus sales boosted by 13 percent to 26,436. The most important factor in such a positive trend on luxury segment is the affordable credit policy, with more than half of the cars being leased. The premium brands “had the luck of the draw”, Mark Wakefield, managing director and head of the automotive practice for consultant AlixPartners, said in an interview. “We’re going to see low lease offers and that’s going to do a lot to prop the market up”. In year-to-date sales, BMW is the top name with 279,395 sales, a 4,6 percent increase from 2014. Its margin is minimal, with Mercedes being just 553 units behind at 278,842, a 6,5 percent rise. Lexus is not that far away, deliveries reaching 273,881, a gain of 12 percent. The RX SUV is the main “warrior” for Lexus, with 8,018 cars sold. The RX has been the most popular vehicle in Lexus’s 26-year history. Via Bloomberg