BMW Japan kicks off centenary celebrations with i3 Carbonight

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The luxury automaker has proposed for its Japanese market an exclusive limited run model that attempts to harness the power of the “special” model status.

This year BMW is going to pop all over the place because the Bavarian brand – the world’s largest luxury automaker – is busy celebrating 100 years of existence. As part of the festivities we’re going to have lots of mild offerings and – hopefully – from time to time something really interesting to celebrate the anniversary. Meanwhile this Japan-only i3 special edition is of the mild variety – with this “Carbonight” model produced in 40 units, slated for exclusive delivery to buyers from the Land of the Rising Sun. The exterior is adorned with a new Fluid Black paint that is matched to contrasting blue accents seen on the kidney grille and side skirts. This is hardly “special” worthy material but at least the model also packs 20-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, and tinted rear windows.

Stepping inside the owners will notice the Harman Kardon audio system with 12 speakers, seven-channel surround, and a total power of 360 watts, the overall Loft theme and special badging and heated front seats as standard equipment. BMW Japan also offers a carbon fiber case for the buyer’s smartphone and a wireless home speaker system. Pricing starts at ¥ 5,980,000 (about $55,000) and the edition can only be had in the range-extending configuration.