BMW stepping up efforts to reach digital feature “frontier”

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One of the crucial, upcoming segments of growth for the BMW Group – the world’s largest luxury automaker – is the digital business, which is expected to surge both in terms of vehicles and retail features.

The automaker is looking outside the borders of the traditional automotive industry – which has been a catalyst for growth but has also been very slow to adopt new trends in the past – and is now targeting the business practices of technology companies such as Google. That’s because these technology giants are also looking at the car industry as a new source of revenue and the search behemoth has been preparing an autonomous vehicle program for years. The end question for the automakers and the technology companies involved in the driverless race is “Is your car going to learn?” comments Ian Robertson, BMW board member for sales and marketing. According to him, the main “catalyst of change is now the digital environment,” with BMW aiming to step up efforts in terms of retail environment. Their new consumer strategy aims to emphasize services and delivering a seamless experience.

And when it comes to their vehicles, the upcoming models will be choke full of connectivity features and in the not so distant future even autonomous driving (they already have semi-autonomous features) “will weave itself into all of our next architectures,” he commented during an interview on the sidelines of the ongoing 2015 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. The executive also says their belief is the traditional automotive industry and the sector of information technology could one day meld into one single entity, pointing out towards the converging progress done so far.

Via Automotive News Europe