BMW USA introduces the i3 Shadow Sport Edition – only 50 units available

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The US division of the largest luxury automaker in the world has decided that having an eco-conscious battery electric vehicle might not be exclusive enough. So they resorted to showcasing the new i3 Shadow Sport Edition. Specifically designed for the US market, where BMW is fighting for leadership with Mercedes-Benz and Japan’s Lexus, the i3 electric car will become even more exclusive thanks to the 50-unit limited i3 Shadow Sport Edition. It comes wrapped in the newly introduced Fluid Black body shade and also features an entirely new interior package: Deka World dark grey with blue accents. There’s also a dark cloth wrapping for the cabin and an exclusive sport-tuned suspension fitted to this limited edition – enabling better handling through enhanced dampening characteristics. Also visible as main highlights are the 19-inch Cyclone-style alloy wheels and the sunroof. The Shadow Sport Limited Edition will only be offered in the battery-only guise and the moonroof comes as a first to the US market – previously it was only offered to European customers. Highlighting its limited availability status, each of the 50 units will carry a special limited-edition badge and the MSRP starts at $47,400. As a reminder, the electric only i3 (also available is a range extender variant) uses a 22 kWh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor delivering 170 bhp (126 kW) and 184 lb-ft (249 Nm) of torque to sprint to 60 mph in seven seconds on its way to the maximum speed of 93 mph (149 km/h). Range is of 80-100 miles (128-160 km) under standard driving conditions. Via BMW Blog