BMW’s car-sharing service arrives in Brussels

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The German premium automaker has now extended its DriveNow car-sharing programme to the Belgian capital.

The DriveNow service is a joint venture between BMW and the car rental company Sixt SE that has been operational since 2011, for now to serve more than 600,000 customers throughout Europe. BMW is offering its car-sharing programme in ten cities, including five major locations in Germany, as well as in London, Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm and – as of this month – in Brussels. “We are convinced that our premium individual mobility services will be a key factor for success in the future. Of course services will not replace the automotive sector, but they are an important additional area for our business,” Peter Schwarzenbauer, who is responsible for the Group’s mobility services, said on the occasion of the DriveNow’s fifth anniversary.

With Mercedes and Audi coming strong from behind, BMW laid out earlier this year a plan that goes until 2020 for trying to keep its leading position on the luxury market, a strategy that also places an emphasis on car sharing and digital businesses, such as DriveNow, ParkNow or ChargeNow. Part of its ride-hailing expansion efforts, the Munich-based premium automaker announced back in April the launch of ReachNow in Seattle, a project similar to DriveNow. BMW seems to also have other interesting plans into this direction, Bloomberg reporting Mini’s intention to offer its owners a feature through which they could rent their cars to earn extra cash.