BMW’s centenary celebration continues with Mini Vision Next 100 concept

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Following the unveiling of BMW’s second celebratory concept, Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 concept, Mini has also stepped in to provide a glimpse into the future of the compact city cars.

Mini Vision Next 100 is part of German Group’s quartet concepts planned for its centenary year and it follows the debut earlier in March of BMW Next 100 concept. Mini’s vision has been presented at an event at the Roundhouse in London, alongside Rolls-Royce’s luxury idea of the future. The premium city brand places the focus on some key aspects of the upcoming trends in urban mobility, personalization, connectivity and ride-sharing.

In the future, Mini says its drivers will be able to call on a model tailored to their personal requirements wherever they are, day or night, to pick them up from their desired location in a fully autonomous fashion, being able to adapt itself to the driver’s individual tastes, interests and preferences. “MINI looks to offer smart and bespoke mobility in cities that engages all the senses. And in the future, you might not actually have to own a vehicle to enjoy the benefits,” brand’s design boss Anders Warming said.

Inside into the minimalist cockpit, the centrally mounted circular instrument that has become such a signature feature of MINI cockpits can illuminate like a kaleidoscope, allowing drivers to select personalised settings around features such as entertainment, communications and autonomous-driving options. An “Inspire Me” button checks downloaded user data to select information of interest to the driver and provide them with recommendations.

Mini promises the models of the future will still be fun to drive, taking the go-kart feeling to another new level. A fourth Vision Vehicle, by BMW Motorrad, will be premiered on 16 October in Los Angeles, US, completing the BMW Group’s brand quartet.