BoMonster has put out a book! Scratch This

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I noticed this at SEMA.... but, you know, it gets overwhelming, and I'm still posting photos from SEMA, yeah, still more to come, and this was in the many things still to get worked up for a good post, and suddenly, I get an email, and BoMonster helped me out by sending me some inside pages for you to see!This is BOMONSTER’s first collection of his scratched designs and he adds insightful commentary on most of his work shown. He is relatively new to the lowbrow kustom culture scene and encourages anyone who wants to create art to start now. The “SCRATCH THIS”book can only be bought from BOMONSTER at live shows he attends or on his website: www.bomonster.comEarly review excerpt from Tony Colombini of Blacktop magazine: “I expected the book to be like most artist tomes, as a chronological portfolio. Instead, the pages tell different stories from BOMONSTER’s past, his friends and of course the incredible rides. The pieces are assembled like the loose hardware in your pockets. Dimes and washers, cotter pins and pennies, the commodity of the working man. Who knows what he will pull out next.” BOMONSTER can be reached by email: bomonster@bomonster.comthe cool guy in the BoMonster shirt at the far right is ... well, BoMonster