Brand new 2017 Porsche 911 R seen on eBay – speculators will speculate

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Porsche took its time to reveal this hardcore old-school version of the 911 and when the announcement came during the Geneva Motor Show it was a bitter sweet one.

That’s because although the automaker addressed the main fan query – give the 911 GT3 and RS a manual gearbox option – the model has already been sold out prior to its official public reveal. The Zuffenhausen brand has decided to only manufacture 991 units of the manhandling-oriented Neunelfer, meaning only the most pristine dealers were allowed to sell it. These most likely contacted their most loyal customers – in a bid to keep speculators off the bait. But then again we’re talking here about an eBay posting of the 911 R so something definitely went wrong. This is because the speculation level here is absolutely bonkers: the online listing has the 911 R at a price of no less than $1.25 million.

And all things considered, if one popped up on sale nobody expected the model to retail for the initial starting price of $184,900 MSRP – which of course made it the most expensive coupe of the 911 range. And most likely true hardcore fans of the Porsche brand would go for a slightly older model with a proven racing pedigree. And imagine that, the seller has that covered too because he also has another listing for one of just 25 street-legal Porsche 911 GT1 racecars of the 996 generation, which is even more expensive at 4.25 million euros ($4.85 million).

Via eBay