Bristol signals the brand’s return will start with new Bullet project

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Bristol Cars, a 71-year-old British automaker, has been keeping us updated with its progress to return to the front stage for years – mostly marking the Project Pinnacle as its grand return.

Now the years of teasing have lent to even more teasing – as the company has released a picture with a shadowy figure that hides a classic roadster, albeit clad in modern clothing. According to British media, Bristol has even named the new sports car as the Bullet, with the open top actually scheduled for a worldwide introduction quite quickly – on July 26. The Bullet will go for the classic roadster layout – a long slung hood and a very short rear overhang. The mysterious teaser is apparently depicting some louvers along the fenders and we can also see a minuscule windshield – with the passengers guarded by the roll hoops above the seats.

The teaser lives more to our imagination, but we can easily see that Bristol is taking its inspiration from the classic models of Morgan or Jaguar. Bristol has said since last year the Project Pinnacle, now allegedly called the Bullet, would make use of a BMW engine. According to the rumor, it’s the naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V8 – which should bode well with the roadster’s lightweight construction for ample performance. The Bullet should then reach select dealerships sometime next year, a while after the brand released its last car, the Fighter – unveiled back in 2003. Since it entered administration back in 2011 the brand intended on releasing the Project Pinnacle last year to coincide with the marquee’s seven decades anniversary – but it seems they needed some extra development time after all.

Via Autocar