Bugatti claims the Chiron was faster than a racer at Le Mans

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It appears the automaker has revealed the new Chiron – on point during the Le Mans weekend – was also trialed on the famed race circuit, where it nailed a 236 mph (380 km/h) top speed.

With the Bugatti Veyron still seen as one of the definitive models that established the hypercar segment, we can imagine the Chiron ahs some pretty large shoes to fill. The exclusive brand is already diligently working on setting up the legacy for their latest arrival as it introduced the model to its home audience in France during the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Here the Chiron also took a swing at the famous circuit during a parade lap on Saturday, when the coupe managed to post the very impressive top speed of 236 miles per hour. And that was actually faster than any race car managed during the actual event. But Bugatti still has a long way to go towards making good on its promise to reach up to 261 mph – which is also said to be electronically capped.

By the way, while blasting through the parade lap faster than the racers might sound impressive, we have to remember the cars are built for reliability and especially top average speeds. And they have to maintain those speeds throughout the day, not just during one run. Anyways, the $2.7 million Chiron isn’t expected to reach any of its intended customers until sometimes this summer – though when that happens we’re sure to witness a lot more attempts to reach the fabled top speed.