Bugatti teases the Chiron even on the Christmas postcard

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When you’re an exotic manufacturer you need all the publicity you can take – but Bugatti should be an exception. Or not? Anyways, the company’s new Chiron got the marketing treatment in time for Christmas.

That’s because the automaker chose to use its usual Christmas card for the year as another teaser for the much anticipated successor of the Veyron – called the Chiron and tipped to arrive in front of the worldwide audience in the metal during the Geneva motor show in March 2016. The car is being tucked away under a bed sheet – it’s probably sleeping and waiting for Santa’ – and its name has been delivered as a honorable mention to the most important Bugatti works driver – Louis Chiron. We don’t see any new bits from the new teaser, save for the more easy look at the side profile – this one paints a rather bleak picture of an evolutionary design (this is an issue across the entire VW group, but we thought a model costing millions would get more attention). We’re rooting for a more spectacular appearance that would take cues from the Bugatti Gran Turismo concept revealed not long ago.

Anyways, the company has also revealed some time ago they already nailed at least 100 pre-orders, meaning the highly unprofitable Veyron case might be over (that one needed a decade to be sold-out in its 450 units run). We’re expecting the new Chiron to be “more of everything” as the carmaker said, meaning it could top out the Veyron Super Sport WRE.