Capt Cal Flanigan retired last March, and the airlines have been no damn good without him.

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Don't blame me, I just learned about this.37 years of chauffeuring passengers around the friendly skies, and he never missed a day. Damn, I'd like to buy that guy a beer. 45 years with Delta. Flanagan started from the ground floor as an airline mechanic back in 1968.As a Delta pilot, Flanigan flew more than 12.5 million miles and landed in nearly 100 countries.“He’s been the number one guy for almost eight years now,” Steve Dickson of Delta Airlines told Fox 4. “I don’t think that’s something that will ever be replicated, certainly in my lifetime.” Unfortunately for Flanagan, Sixty-five is the age that Delta mandates for their pilots to hang up their wings. Those cold hearted bastards.