Cardi, a Russian coachbuilder, presents an exquisite take on the Aston Martin DB9

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The Moscow-based firm has decided to reveal it has been developing a very special project that started its life as a regular Aston Martin DB9.

Last month we heard of Kahn Design’s Vengeance – an aggressive take on the Aston Martin DB9 that was present during the Geneva Motor Show. Now there’s another coachbuilder, this time from Russia, that wants to make the British supercar truly exquisite and bespoke. While the automaker based off Gaydon is preparing to stop production of the DB9 in anticipation of the first deliveries of the all-new DB11, we get the “Cardi Concept 442,” which shows the Russian coachbuilder Cardi has gone through all the paces needed to completely morph the DB9 into something new. The modifications are so extensive that if you didn’t know from the get go this is actually a DB9 in disguise you would have trouble identifying the donor vehicle. These are mere renders still, but we can see some elegant lines and exotic and wide grilles at the front and back that may not be appealing to everyone in the end.

But more importantly this transformation is skin deep as the engineers at Cardi are also playing with the body structure of the DB9, which is set to lose its B pillars. The end product should also get a large panoramic roof connecting the front and rear windows in a bid to deliver the illusion there’s just one massive glass. We can also see the interior has been subjected to the same level of differentiation and the theme is looking minimalist with the least possible amount of buttons. A problem could be represented by the positioning of the touchscreen for the infotainment system which is positioned very low for easy access – but that may impact safety in a negative way. We have no details if the Cardi Concept 442 will remain a one-off attempt or if wiling DB9 donors could get their Aston Martin transformed – though it’s clear the coachbuilder will not touch the vehicle’s naturally-aspirated 6.0-liter V12 engine and Touchtronic 2 six-speed auto gearbox.