Carlos Ghosn wants to increase Nissan’s market share

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The Nissan’s CEO goal is to gain market share and to increase the operating profit margin within 16-month time. In an interview made by Automotive News Asia, the CEO of Nissan Motor, Carlos Ghosn, is revealing that the company is targeting to increase its operating profit margin to 8 percent, from 6,7 percent for six months ending on 30 September and reach 8 percent global share within a year and a half. But lately, Carlos Ghosn has to focus on other issues first, as there have been many reports suggesting a battle for control inside the Renault-Nissan alliance, with The French government wanting to increase its dominance over Nissan. And the first step has been made this year when the government has raised its stake in Renault. “There have always been issues, there have been tensions and there have been different opinions”, said Ghosn. “As long as all the parties agree that the alliance is the biggest asset for both Renault and Nissan, then we’re going to find a solution for any issue.” Refocusing on the proposed target of increasing Nissan’s market share, the goal is set for one and a half year to reach 8 percent operating profit and 8 percent global market share, and 10 percent in the US. According to Ghosn, the operating margin is achievable on time, but as far as the market share, it depends on the launching success of the new models. Although, the company doesn’t predict a significant growth in the US, the market is still a healthy one, with more than 17 million vehicles being sold on an annual trend now, and a 2-3 percent increase would be such a surprise for Ghosn. “The dynamic is good. We’re getting into the right segments. The Rogue is very successful, and now we’re coming with the new Titan — a very large U.S. segment where we’re practically not participating,” said the Nissan’s CEO. “So the target of 10 percent in North America I feel very good about.” Via Automotive News Europe