Check out the updated Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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Mercedes-Benz has released several details and a full photo gallery with the updated version of the G-Class.

The ultimate off-roader put together by the 3-pointed star is called the G-Class and it has recently went through some modifications which cannot be ignored. According to Mercedes-Benz, the model in question is now 16 percent more powerful and it is coming with up to 17 percent improved fuel consumption, across the range. The most important addition is the 4.0 liter biturbo V8 engine, which is capable of putting down a total output of 416 HP, in the so-called G500.

Mercedes-Benz says that other highlights include the G500 4×4 and the exclusive AMG Edition 463. The V8 unit mentioned above is being developed by Mercedes-AMG and it is also found on the C63 AMG and on the AMG GT, in various stages of tune. In the G-Class, the engine is capable of putting down a total of 416 HP and 610 Nm of torque, being 35 HP and 80 Nm of torque more powerful than its predecessor, the 5.5 liter naturally aspirated V8.

The G500 needs 0.2s less from 0 to 100 km/h (5.9s) and it can eat an average of 12.3 L / 100 km (22.9 mpg UK / 19.1 mpg US). The G 350 d is also upgraded, from 208 HP to 252 HP and from 540 HP to 600 Nm, allowing it to reach 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds and to eat 9.9 L / 100 km (28.5 mpg UK / 23.7 mpg US). The G 63 AMG is now producing 563 HP while the G 65 AMG is now bringing 621 HP.