Chevrolet introduces Silverado 1500 Rally Edition

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The US automaker has recently taken the wraps off another limited run model – a special edition for the 2016 Silverado 1500, nicknamed the “Rally Edition”.

Keeping up the orders up for the big pickup trucks should be a breeze these days due to high demand across the US, but the harsh reality is the big Detroit Three are fighting a huge war, one that needs “special forces” such as limited run models. In the case of Chevrolet we’re actually running low on memory space because the automaker has made so many special models – so we’re just going to stick the 2016 Silverado Rally Edition on the server and then send it in the “cloud”. For example, this model joins the roster after the Relatree Edition and Midnight Edition, which are both fairly recent additions. Up for grabs as of later this month the Rally Edition brings a monochromatic approach to the exterior hue, adding in some sporty stripes and a new take on the bonnet. There will be two versions of the special series, with Rally 1 for the Custom model in Doubel Cab guise and Rally 2 for the higher specification LT Z71 models with Double Cab or Crew Cab.

Rally 1 can be seen with rally striping on the hood and sides, packing 20-inch black wheels – while the Rally 2 version will also have four-inch round assist steps and bigger 22-inch glossy black wheels. Chevrolet will showcase the Rally, Realtree, and Midnight editions during this year’s edition of the Texas Motor Speedway event. There, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will campaign for the Rally Edition, Austin Dillon for the Realtree Edition, and Kyle Larson for the Silverado 1500 Midnight Edition.