China goes greener with plans to add charging network to handle 5 million new energy vehicles

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By the turn of the new decade China’s subsidies will have to handle the addition of more electric car recharging stations, looking the build the necessary infrastructure to handle 5 million new energy vehicles. The term refers to China’s designation of the category that includes not only electric vehicles (battery and hydrogen powered) but also plug in hybrids and governmental support to erect new charging facilities will be expanded – local government have also been asked to highlight their policies and incentive offers on the matter, commented the State Council in guidelines posted on its website, without giving specific details though. The cabinet added that all newly constructed residential buildings should be equipped with charging facilities or have a reserved space for them. This new green strategy comes after Vice Premier Ma Kai has urged local governments to hasten the addition of charging infrastructure – seen as a major issue that handicaps the development of the electric auto industry. China has turned its attention to the development of electric and plug in hybrid cars as a strategic part of its plan to become an automotive technology leader, cut the country’s pollution and lower its dependence on imported oil. While the government and local authorities have enabled subsidies and incentives to both carmakers and consumers, electric auto sales have been well below envisioned state levels also because buyers feared they would have no easy access to charging networks. Via Bloomberg