China: Qoros 6 four door gets morphed in bespoke cabriolet

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The Qoros 6 four-door has received a cabrio treatment and has been presented at home in China, though eager customers will get disappointed by the fact it was created as a one-off contraption. Qoros has decided to deliver a model that probably nobody thought possible – just for fun and probably to showcase their newly gained technical insights. The Qoros team that was responsible for the transformation – according to local reports – set up to transform the Qoros 6 in order to have it ready and the soul of the party during a team building event organized at the plant in Shanghai. The production series model that was used as an “organ” donor was the Qoros 3 sedan and at the moment we can’t even guarantee the cabriolet actually has a fully working retractable fabric roof due to the pictures only depicting the prototype with the roof hidden. While this particular one-off will never see the light of day in more than one example, the work done during the transformation could prove valuable as further media reports put the Chinese automaker developing a two-door convertible that would get its premiere sometime next year in China. But the production series cabrio would use as a base the Qoros 3 hatchback and will use a 2+2 seat model, meaning rear space would be severely limited. Most reports put the cabrio in line to use the 1.6-liter gasoline engine in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms mated to a six-speed manual or an optional dual clutch automatic gearbox. Via