China will soon give a green light to more electric carmakers

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As part of a wider plan to encourage the emission-free technologies, China will give licenses for some new electric car manufacturers. The Chinese government has decided to approve production permits for a new group of electric car manufacturers. This a part of a wider plan to encourage the emission-free technologies in the country. Miao Wei, the minister for industry and information technology, said today at a briefing in Beijing that more than ten companies have applied for the manufacturing licenses for the production of electric vehicles. When it will happen, it would be for the first time the Chinese government approves this type of applications since 2009 when it declared it will encourage consolidation and curb overcapacity in the industry. The electric cars expansion is a vital step in China’s plans to reduce the emissions and dependency on imported oil. The pollution levels in China are at alarming levels, dozens of times higher than the safe limits. The sales of electric cars are well behind government targets despite financial help granted to automakers and consumers as well, a major issue in this regard being a not very developed network of charging stations. The government made a first step in this direction, when last month declared that will speed up the building of recharging facilities for electric cars, wanting to reach by 2020 to a five million stations for plug-in vehicles. The minister for industry and information technology said earlier this year that the Chinese government will also stimulate software companies to develop electric cars as well, as they have the know-how for bringing some new perspectives and innovations into the auto industry. Via Bloomberg