Cool and complex body wrap applied to Lambo Huracan alongside power increase

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Munich-based tuning specialist Print Tech has decided that owning a SantAgata Bolognese thoroughbred is cause for celebration and thus came up with this extravagant tri-color body wrap.

Wrapping the car is not really something new but it appears innovations do happen in this field from time to time – the latest example comes from tuning and wrapping company Print Tech that has envisioned this pretty spectacular and over the top special look for the latest Lamborghini model – the Huracan. The tricolor texture comes courtesy of a latex printer and has red and green flames and in between a brushed chrome surface. Since we’re dealing with experts here, the tuning company actually had to tear apart the body panels of the Huracan in order to make sure the foil was perfectly applied – a set of three foils has been applied and the customization job will set back potential customers a cool 10,000 euros.

The name Print Tech should ring a bell to any wrapping passionate, as the company also delivered in 2014 a very special Huracan with a shiny black chrome coat job and an Aventador the year before wearing a matte orange & red chrome hue. Anyways, the tricolor finish is also accompanied by a titanium exhaust system from those wizards over at Akrapovic. The new system featuring carbon fiber tip is besides 45.2 pounds (20.5 kilograms) lighter than the original one also coming up with a slight power bump for the naturally aspirated V10 5.2-liter engine – which gains an additional 20 horsepower.